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We're excited to offer an exclusive investment opportunity to our key supporters at Gray Digital. Before we kickoff our Series A fundraising round with some of the top venture groups in the space, we wanted to give you—those who have been critical to our success, and vision—the chance to invest and be a part of this next chapter.

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Raise Outline

  • Raise Amount: $6 million
  • Post Money Valuation: $60 million
  • Equity Offered: 10%
  • Minimum contribution: $30,000
  • 200 contribution spaces available
  • First come, first serve basis
  • Open exclusively to Pro users

Why Invest in Gray Digital?

  • Cashflow Positive: Gray Digital is already generating revenue and is cashflow positive, demonstrating the strength and sustainability of our business model.
  • Exciting Product Pipeline: In addition to our current offerings, we have several innovative products in development that will further enhance our market position and drive growth.
  • Upcoming Series A Raise: We are currently engaged with some of the largest venture partners in the space for a substantial Series A fundraise. This will draw significant attention to the company, accelerate growth, and potentially lead to increased valuations.
  • As an investor in this seed round, you will receive:
    • A digital share certificate/wallet, signed and agreed upon
    • Access to the exclusive equity investor chat
    • Invitations to company sponsored events
    • Early beta access to all future products and releases
    • Lifetime Gray Digital Pro subscription
  • On-chain and Binding: This investment opportunity will be entirely on-chain and binding, ensuring transparency and security for all participants.

How Your Investment Helps Gray Digital

  • Your investment will play a crucial role in fueling our growth and expansion plans. The funds raised will be allocated towards:
    • Accelerating product development and innovation
    • Expanding our market reach and user base
    • Regulatory, and Broker-dealer acquisition
    • Strengthening our team with top talent
    • Enhancing our infrastructure and technology stack
  • We believe this investment opportunity offers a unique chance for our Pro users to be part of Gray Digital's success story. By investing in this round, you will be positioned to benefit from the potential upside of our upcoming Series A raise and the exciting growth trajectory of the company. The Series A round will be open exclusively to institutions, and venture capital groups in the space. The Gray Digital team is already actively engaged with a handful of venture groups in preparation for our Series A.

To participate, please follow the instructions provided and secure your spot on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions or require further information, our team is here to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seed Raise?

The seed raise is a unique opportunity to invest, and take ownership in the Gray Digital ecosystem. The raise is limited to 200 spaces, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. This seed raise is for individuals to contribute to the growth of the platform and support the development of our products and services, with upside when new investors join.

How does the Seed Raise work?

To participate in the seed raise a minimum of one space must be purchased. In return you will receive a portion of the equity that is being offered.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To participate in the Seed Raise, you must be a registered user on the Gray Digital platform and have a valid Pro subscription. A minimum of $30,000 is required to purchase equity.

What is the minimum amount to participate in the Seed Raise?

The minimum amount to participate in the Seed Raise is $30,000.

Can I purchase more than one space?

Yes, investors can purchase as many spaces as they want, on a first some first serve basis. Limited to 200 spaces.

How do I claim my equity?

To claim your equity, you must first participate in the Seed Raise, by purchasing your desired amount of spaces. Once the raise is completed, equity will first be provided by way of a generic NFT, which outlines the raise, your contribution, and your ownership rights. This NFT can be sold to other users, until our Series A round is complete. Redemption of equity will be possible at during later rounds.

Do I need to KYC?

Initially no. To purchase the equity - there will not be a KYC requirement. However, to redeem the equity during later rounds, this would likely be required.

Can I use my fund balance to contribute?

Yes. Users can use their active fund balance to contribute, however, all performance fees are still applicable.

What chains can I use to contribute?

All currently active chains on the platform including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Tron, and Solana. USDT and/or USDC required.

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