What is Gray Digital?

At Gray Digital, we believe that your investments are a reflection of you and your personal goals. As a financial technology company, we operate multiple modern investment vehicles that have adopted traditional investment methods and applied them to the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets.

Gray Digital has developed an extraordinary investment platform operating in a Web3 environment. A unique finance venture that offers members diversified exposure to traditional finance, decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, credit and debt instruments, and derivatives markets all in one place. Through the Gray Digital website, participating members can securely and conveniently monitor and manage their professionally managed portfolio using a decentralized application (dApp).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Gray Digital?

Gray Digital is a financial technology company that provides Participating Members diversified exposure to traditional finance, decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, and derivatives markets. The Gray Digital platform provides comprehensive and innovative solutions for the management of investments with a focus on transparency, security, and optimal management strategies. Gray Digital utilizes modern and advanced financial transactions (blockchain technology), investment markets and opportunities combined with proven traditional investment options, coupled with proprietary Gray Digital Products & Services to provide Participating Members a truly exclusive investment opportunity.

Is there a membership fee?

There is a monthly membership fee of $200.00 per month. A Gray Digital Participating Member is one who has completed any and all required membership documentation. Has paid their monthly membership fee of $200.00. And who has actively participated in Gray Digital Products & Services such as funding a principal balance in the Gray Fund. The monthly membership fee is a recurring fee while utilizing Gray Digital Products & Services.

What is investment cap?

The Gray Fund is meticulously designed to optimize investment growth while mitigating risks, operates within defined financial thresholds, notably a soft cap and a hard cap.

Soft Cap: Positioned between $25M and $30M USD, the soft cap serves as a preliminary financial checkpoint. Upon reaching this cap, the fund management may halt or reevaluate accepting investments from new investors, allowing for a strategic review and potential recalibration of investment strategies. This ensures that the fund can sustainably manage its growth while providing investments the opportunity to mature within a controlled financial environment.

Hard Cap: The hard cap, set at $70M USD, acts as the upper financial limit of the fund. As the fund approaches this cap, deposits will begin to taper, ensuring that the fund does not exceed its defined upper limit. Once the hard cap is reached, participating members may be mandated to conduct withdrawals, adhering to the fund’s policy and ensuring it remains within the prescribed financial boundaries.

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Is there a “lockup” of invested funds?

There is no “lockup” of funds other than the one public withdrawal window per month made available to all Participating Members. All withdrawals of rewards are subject to a 15% fee

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